Use the powerful Enplug Zoning app to divide your screen into multiple, customized zones to maximize screen effectiveness. 

Here's a glimpse at what Zoning can do for you:



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Getting Started

Layout Options

Editing Zones

Adding Tickers

Adding Widgets


Getting Started

1. To access the app, click on “Apps” > “All Apps”, then select “Zoning”.

2. If this is the first time you have used the Zoning app, you will immediately be prompted to build your layout when you open the app. 

If you have used Zoning before and want to create a new layout, select "Add Zoning Layout" or select the name of an existing layout to edit.


3. Name your Zoning layout at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to easily identify it later in the library list. 


4. Choose your desired layout from the templates at the top of the screen. Be sure to use the correct layout for your portrait or landscape screen. For example, if you have a landscape Zoning configuration, you will only be able to apply it to a Display Group with a matching landscape orientation.



Layout Options

The default Zoning layouts are customizable. Once you choose a basic template from the top of the screen, it can be edited to fit your needs. Here's a basic summary of how the layouts are comprised:

  1. Each Layout is divided into Zones. These Zones contain Widgets, which are apps that fill the entire Zone. 
  2. The Main Zone is where the apps from your Dynamic App Playlist will rotate on the screen.
  3. The Main Zone can contain multiple Ticker(s), which are scrolling or static rows of data on your screen.


Now that you understand the layout, you're ready to start editing Zones!


Editing Zones

1. Click and drag the Zone dividers to change the resolution.


2. To set a Zone to a specific resolution, hover over the resolution notes in the middle of the zone. This will uncover a button to "Edit" the values.


3. You can divide a Zone by moving your mouse up and down to split the Zone horizontally. Move your mouse left to right to split the Zone vertically. Click on the "Divide" button that appears.


4. To delete a Zone, hover over the Zone and click the mceclip8.png button


Pro Tip: Drag and drop your Zones to swap their places after you have added Widgets. Hover over the zone, then click and drag the mceclip10.png button, dropping it where you want the Zone to move.



Adding Tickers

1. To add a Ticker, hover your mouse over the top or bottom of the Main Zone, and select "Add Ticker" when it appears.


2. Select your desired Ticker type in the popup:

3. Select "Create New" to create new Ticker content. After your content is created, click "Save" to apply it to the preview.



Select the radio button to the left of an existing Ticker name, and click "Add Widget" to apply it to the preview.


4. Your preview will update with the new Ticker data.

5. Change the Ticker speed by hovering and clicking themceclip14.png button and moving the selector left or right to change the speed. Click off of the settings to apply the change to your preview. 


To enable a static Ticker, move the speed selector to the far left. You will see the Static option appear.


6. Remove the Ticker by hovering and clicking the mceclip17.png button.

7. Swap the Ticker location between the top and bottom of the Main Zone by hovering and clicking the mceclip18.png button.

8. Edit the Ticker by hovering and clicking "Edit". Make the necessary changes and "Save" to apply to your preview.


Adding Widgets

Once your Zones are in the correct layout, you're ready to add Widgets to them. 

1. Hover over the Zone and click the "+ Add Widget" button.


2. Select your desired Widget type in the popup:

3. Select "Create New" to create new Widget content. After your content is created, click "Save" to apply it to the preview.



Select the radio button to the left of an existing Widget name and click "Add Widget" to apply it to the preview.


4. If you wish to edit a Widget, hover and click the "Edit" button.


5. To remove a Widget hover and click the mceclip23.png button.

6. After all of your Zones have Widgets assigned, select "Save" to save your layout.


7. Select the Display Group(s) to which you want to deploy the app and click Save Changes


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