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The Enplug Art app allows you to display a curated collection of art on your displays.


Contents of this guide

Accessing the app

Adding the art to your display

Changing the displayed art 


Accessing the App

Add the Arts app to your dynamic app playlist

  • Click on “Apps” > “All Apps”

  • Select “Art”


Adding the Art to Your Display

If this is the first time you are accessing the art app, you will see all of the artwork available to add to your display. 

  • Filter the list by searching by keywords, screen orientation, category or sorting order 


  • By default, the artwork will show with a thin gray frame, but you can change the Frame Size and/or the Frame Color


  • Click to select each piece of art you would like to add to your Display Group(s), or "Select All"


  •  Select "Add" to add the selected art to your Display Group(s)


  • Select the Display Group(s) to which you want to deploy the app and click Save Changes”



Changing the Displayed Art

If you already have art on your display, you will see a list of titles of art when you open the app.

  • Click on the name to view the piece of art or edit properties


  • The Display Groups Tab - Add or remove art from specific Display Groups


  • The Schedule Tab - Change the duration, repetition, and specific times to display the artwork


  • The Tags Tab - Tag the art and edit the frame settings



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