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The Countdown app provides pre-configured templates for building simple, fast, and attractive signs. Use the templates as-is, or edit them to reflect your company's designs. Using the templates, you can create signs that count down to a special event like a holiday or meeting. Alternatively, choose a past date and use this app as a "days since" counter to track events such as days since last jobsite injury. 


Contents of this guide:

Accessing the Countdown App

Using a Template

Advanced Features


Accessing the Countdown App

1. Add the Countdown app to your dynamic app playlist

  • Click on “Apps” > “More Apps”

  • Select “Countdown”

2. Create a sign

  • Click the blue "Add Sign" button



Using a Template

Here you can view all of the preconfigured sign templates. Each template is 100% customizable so you can add, edit, or remove text, images, backgrounds, etc., once adding it to your sign canvas

1. Select a template or start with the blank canvas option to create your own unique design


2. Name the sign


3. If the Zoning app is enabled turn on "Banner" and/or "Ticker" layout options to optimize your screen resolution. You might need to re-adjust the elements on the template to make sure they fit the canvas. For more details about zoning, please visit our Zoning app article


4. Click on an existing property, such as the date to edit your sign


5. You can also customize the sign further by adding new elements



Advanced Features


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