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The Company Templates app provides access to custom made templates, tailored to your company's design specifications. Simply create new signs using the existing templates for simple, fast, and attractive signs.

Contact your Account Manager if you are interested in adding this advanced feature to your account.


Contents of this guide:

Accessing Company Templates

Edit Content

Upload Data

Link to Canvas


Accessing Company Templates

1. Add the Company Templates app to your dynamic app playlist

  • Click on “Apps” > “More Apps”

  • Select “Company Templates”

2. Select a Template 

  • When creating your first sign, you will see a list of all templates. Click the template you wish to use to get started


  • If you have existing signs, after opening the app, click the blue "New Sign" button, then select your template



Edit Content

  • Edit the available properties to customize your sign


  • Select "Save"


  • Apply the sign to the appropriate display groups, and select "Save Changes"


  • Your sign is complete and will now show on your display!


Upload Data

The Data tab in the Company Templates app, allows you to create or import spreadsheets of linked data to your sign. Visit this article for more details. 


Link to Canvas

After uploading data to your new dynamic sign, you will need to link that data to your canvas:

  • To the left of your canvas, click on the mceclip5.png button to link each field to a column on your data tab


  • Choose a column in the dropdown to bind the data to


  • Select "Save" to apply the changes to your sign


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