Daily Health Tips

The Daily Health Tips app gives great advice and tidbits on healthy living and exercising.


Setting it Up

First, click on the Apps dropdown.  From there you can select the Daily Health Tips app.


Next, you’ll see a place where you can type in a name for the app configuration.  Any name will do.  This will allow you to create different configurations for different display groups.


Once you type in a name, click the Save button.


You’ll be prompted to choose which display group(s) to deploy this Daily Health Tips to.


Once you’ve chosen which display groups to show it on, click Save Changes to deploy the Daily Health Tips on your screen(s).


Tips & Tricks

If you change the orientation of your screen, your posters may not update to match the new portrait or landscape setup. We would suggest removing your posters, switching your display's orientation, then re-adding the posters you'd like to show up.


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