The Enplug ScreenCast app allows you to mirror content from your personal device to an Enplug Display. 


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Supported Devices

Accessing the App

Setting it Up

Casting to the Display


Supported Devices

Cast From Personal Devices: Windows 10, Mac OS, and Chrome OS
Cast To Enplug Platforms: 4K Device, Windows Player, Web Player (Content URL)


Accessing the App

Add the Screencast app to your Display Group

  • Click on Apps > All Apps”
  • Select “Screencast”


Setting It Up

During the setup process, you will customize how users connect to your screens


1. Name your Screencast

2. Choose a permissions level

  • No Permissions: Anyone will be able to connect to your screen
  • Access Code: Generate a unique code required for casting


  • Email Domain: Verify users with an email address from a particular domain. For security, they will receive an email with a passcode when connecting to the screen.


3. A Pairing Code/Link appears on the screen and is used to cast a personal device to your Enplug display. You can choose the refresh rate to generate a new code after every casting session or at a specified interval

4. Limit the duration of a casting session by setting a timeout interval. The default is 30 minutes. 

5. Click "Save"

6. Select the Display Group(s) to which you want to deploy the app and click Save Changes”



Casting to the Display

The Screencast code will show on your display and you're ready to connect your own device to cast content!


1. Visit or the link shown on the bottom right of your screen

2. Enter the 5 digit pairing code shown on screen and click "Next"


3. If you have permissions required for casting, follow the prompts for screen verification:

  • Enter the access code you were provided, or


  • Enter your email address from the approved domain and enter the passcode you receive via email



4. Select "START CAST"


5. Your cast will begin on your display, overriding your usually scheduled content.

Note: Only visual content is supported, sound is not supported

6. When you are done with your casting session, select "STOP CAST" and the screens will return to their usually scheduled content




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