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The Company Templates app is an advanced feature that provides a platform to present custom-made templates, tailored to your company's design specifications. As the administrator, you will create new signs, convert them to templates, and share them with your users for simple, fast, and attractive sign creation.

Contact your Account Manager if you are interested in adding this feature to your account.


Contents of this guide:

Setup Recommendations

Setting Up User Access

Create a Sign

Create a Template


Setup Recommendation

After the Company Templates feature is turned on for your account, your account administrator, a user with permissions to edit user permissions, will need to set up user access. 

Enplug recommends the following as best practice: 

  • Use the Enplug User Roles feature for bulk editing of permissions from Templates app to Company Templates app
  • Ensure that all of your end-users using the Company Templates app, such as store managers, have access to the Company Templates app and remove access to the Templates app
  • Template admins, such as graphic designers or marketing managers, should have access to both apps, as they will build the customized company templates for all staff in the Templates app


Setting Up User Access

To manage app access, open a user's profile or edit the corresponding User Role: 

  • Check the "Limit Access to specific Apps" box to manage app access


  • Select the "Apps" button to view the apps list


  • Check the bubble for each desired app, then click the "Select" button


  • Finally, click the "Update" button to apply this new change



Create a Sign

Use the Templates app to create a new sign. Visit this article to guide you through the creative process. 


Create a Template

You will now convert the sign you just created, or a previously existing sign, into your Company Template.  This process is done in the Templates app. 

  • Open the Templates app. You will see your library of created signs


  • Click on the "Convert To Template" wand


  • You will be directed to a setup page where you can edit your sign, if necessary
  • Next, click the "Go to Template Mode" button at the top of the page


  • In Template Mode, select and name which properties your users will be allowed to change


  • Select "Save" and wait for your template to complete conversion, then select "My Templates" to view your list of templates


  • Turn on the "Publish" switch to share your new template


  • Select "Publish" when prompted


  • To make any changes to your published template:
    • Select the template name from the "My Templates" list
    • Switch between Template Mode and Edit Mode with the buttons on the top of the screen
    • Select "Save" when finished
  • Your template is now available for company use! Open the Company Templates app to get started!





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