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The Data tab in the Enplug Templates app, allows you to create or import spreadsheets of linked data to your sign. You can create dynamic templates by linking data triggered by a specific date, time, and images. 

For information on how to access the Templates app and use the canvas tools, visit the Templates App guide.


Contents of this guide:

Adding Data

Set Event Triggers

Link Data to Canvas

Canvas Tab

Unlink Data from Canvas

Additional Information


Adding Data

1. Click on the "Data" tab


2. Choose to start by uploading an existing spreadsheet, linking an API data source, or creating a new spreadsheet from scratch. The steps for each of these methods is below:

a. Upload Existing Data:

      • Select "Connect Data"
      • Select "Upload Spreadsheet"Component_25.png
      • Browse to upload the file from your computer
      • Supported file types are .xlsx, .xls, or .csv
      • If your spreadsheet has no formatted "Date" column you will be prompted to add an optional one for Event Triggers. Choose "Yes" or "No"
      • If your spreadsheet has a formatted "Date" column, select a column to use as your Event Trigger
      • Select drop-down options to import columns from your spreadsheet and assign file types to column
      • Click "Done" to finish importing file
      • Edit spreadsheet content as needed
      • Select "Save" when complete

b. Check out this guide if you wish to connect an API data source to your template to use with List View

c. Create a new spreadsheet:

      • Select "Start With Empty Spreadsheet"
      • A blank spreadsheet will generate
      • Add columns by clicking the  button in the far right column
      • Remove columns by hovering over the column name and clicking the icon
      • Add rows by clicking the  button in the bottom row
      • Remove rows by clicking the  icon in the far right column
      • Edit spreadsheet content as needed
      • Select "Save" when complete


Set Event Triggers

Event triggers allow you to use a "Date" column to trigger when the graphic will be displayed in the Enplug system. You must have at least 1 "Date" column to use this feature. Follow these steps to set triggers:

1. Click the "Set Trigger" option in the toolbar


2. Select a column as a trigger

Note: The start time for the triggered content is the Date and Time on the corresponding spreadsheet column

3. Set an optional start time for the content prior to the triggered date and time

4. Set an optional end time for your content. The default will be 1 day after the triggered date and time

5. Turn on the "Repeat Yearly" toggle button to set the content to repeat yearly on at the same date and time trigger

6. Click "Save Changes" to apply the trigger(s) to your spreadsheet

7. Once the trigger is saved, you will see "Event Trigger" label in the column title


Link Data to Canvas

Once you have added content to your spreadsheet, you can link the column to your canvas. Each row of content will be an individual slide on your canvas. Follow these steps to link data from a spreadsheet to your canvas:

1. Link column from Data tab:

  • Hover over the column name
  • Select the  symbol
  • Select the "Add as ..." option for your column type. When adding a date you will be prompted to "Add as Date" or "Add as Countdown/up"
    • "Countdown/up" will appear on your Canvas as a count down timer based on the date and time in the spreadsheet 
    • "Date" will appear as a standard date format

  • You will be moved to the Canvas tab of the Sign Builder app to place the linked content
  • Repeat these steps for all columns you wish to add to your canvas

2. Link data from the Canvas tab:

  • Select a date, text or image item on the Canvas
  • Click the button that appears
  • Choose to change the linked data or add a new column in the dropdown

  • Add Dynamic Images to your canvas and spreadsheet
    • Select the "Image Placeholder" button 

    • Click "Setup Data Column"

    • You will be directed to the "Data" tab to title the column(s) and upload images


Canvas Tab

Now your data is linked and you can view and edit it on your canvas.

1. When you edit the placement of linked dates, text or images, it will move on all pages of your canvas

2. Navigate between your sign previews using the "Preview Row" arrows

3. For more details about using the Canvas tab, please visit this Templates App article!


Unlink Data from Canvas

If you wish to remove linked data from your canvas and keep it in your spreadsheet you can unlink columns. 

1. Unlink Column from Data tab:

  • Hover over the column title until you see the button
  • Select the  button
  • Select "Remove from Canvas"

2. Unlink from Canvas tab

  • Click on a date, text or image item from the canvas
  • Select the button that appears
  • Click "Unlinked"


Additional Information

1. Select the "Clear Data" button from the toolbar to clear all data


2. Select "Download Data" from the toolbar to download your spreadsheet as a .csv file








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