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When Connecting an API Data Source to your Template, you can query the results to show predefined values specific to your Display Groups. This allows one connection to show different results on each Display Group, depending on the defined parameters in the Display Group settings. 


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Enable Display Group Parameters

Add Parameters to API Data Source Connection

Additional Informaiton


Enable Display Group Parameters

1. Open your Display Group.

2. Select the "General Info" tab.mceclip1.png

3. Scroll to the bottom of the General Info page.

4. Enable "Custom Parameters".

5. Enter a parameter Name.

6. Enter a parameter Value.

7. Select "Save" to apply the parameters.


Add Parameters to API Data Source Connection

Follow the steps from the Connect API Data Source guide to start connecting your data. When you get to the Query Parameters Section:

1. Name the parameter.

2. Assign a value. The value in the query parameter is the name parameter in the Display Group.

3. If you wish to encrypt the value, check the Encrypt box.

4. Check the Display Group box to apply it to your Display Groups.

5. Enter a Test Value. This value will determine what will show on the Data tab as a content example. Check out the Additional Information below for more details. 

6. Select “Add” to include additional parameters.

7. Refer to the Pull Connection setup to complete the Data Source connection. 



Additional Informaiton

After you complete the setup of connecting your API Data Source, the Templates Data tab will only show an example result based on the test value entered during the parameter setup.

1. If you would like to edit that test value to see a different result, select "Display Group - Parameters".

mceclip4.png 2. Change the value and click "Save" in the parameters pop-up. 

3. Click the "Save" button to apply the new parameter to the Template and refresh the browser to update the results.

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