User Roles


The User Roles allow you to create customized groups of user permissions that can be saved and applied to current and future users. This advanced feature enables streamlined user management.

Contact your Account Manager if you are interested in adding this feature to your account. 


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Create Users

Create User Roles

Create Users

You can assign roles to your existing users, or create new users. To create new users or view your current users:

1. Select Settings (gear icon) then choose Users.


2. Select "Add a person" or click on an existing users' name


3. Enter the user’s First and Last Name, Email, and Language.



4. Under "Display Group Access" grant access to all or limited display groups or regions. For more information about regions, please visit our Device Regions and Map article.



5. Under "Set User Settings"  assign a user role to the user. You must assign a role to the user and only one role can be assigned per user. Select an available role from the dropdown, or create a new role by selecting "Customize a New Role."



6. Save the user. This will email the user with directions to set an account password

7. Visit the "Users" tab to view and sort your user list by Role and Regions, or search by name.


Create User Roles

Creating roles allows for easier user permissions management.


1. Select Settings (gear icon) then choose User Roles.

2. Select Add User Role

3. Name the Role



4. Edit the role permissions by changing the Display Group and Account roles. Visit our Adding Users and Assigning Permissions article for more details about Display Group and Account roles



5. Click Create


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