Using Enplug with a Chrome Device


With the introduction of the Web Player, Enplug is now compatible with a multitude of Chrome OS devices! For customers interested in using Chrome OS devices, we recommend running the devices in kiosk mode, which requires an additional Chrome Enterprise subscription.

Please visit our Web Player or Content URLs articles for instructions on how to set up your Chrome browsers for Enplug.

Visit the list below for supported devices and setup information.


Contents of this guide:




Setting It Up



A portable Chrome OS laptop that is designed for mobile usage. This is ideal for digital signage on the go, such as in a conference or a trade show.



An all-in-one Chrome OS device that is ideal for interactive tasks. A wide range of devices are built in this form factor, from the AOPEN Chromebase which is waterproof with a tamper-proof cable and mounting, to the large Acer Chromebase 24I2 and 24V2 desktops which are ideal for business and retail usage.



A small Chrome OS device that can support up to 4k resolution at 30hz for the lower-end model, and 60hz for the advanced model.


Note: Performance may vary depending on hardware specifications. We recommend using a device with Intel 3865U Celeron Processor, 4GB Ram, and Intel HD Graphics 610 at the minimum for standard performance.


Setting Up Your Chrome Devices

If you choose to use Enplug on Chrome OS without a Chrome Enterprise subscription, follow these tips for optimal device setup:

  1. If you need help with setting up your Chrome Devices for the first time, please follow Google’s official guides for your device type.
  2. Please visit our Web Player or Content URLs articles for information on how to set up your Chrome browsers for Enplug.
  3. To adjust display size or orientation:
    • Select "Settings": Settings
    • Scroll to the "Device" section
    • Select "Displays"
      • Make items on your screen smaller or larger: In the "Display size" section, choose an option
      • Rotate the screen: In the "Orientation" section, choose an option
  4. For best digital signage usage, we recommend keeping your Chrome Devices awake all the time:
    • Select "Settings": Settings
    • Scroll to the "Device" section
    • Select "Power"
    • Select the Down arrow next to "When idle", then choose to "Keep display on"

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