User Management on BrightSign Network


In order to expedite your support request, We require direct access to the BrightSign

Network account in order to access your device, logs and perform troubleshooting.

Please follow the below steps and add User:

Once the support ticket has been resolved, please delete this user from your account 

The User Management screen allows you to add, edit, and delete users on your BSN Content

Cloud network.


Accessing User Management

Select the Admin button to access the Admin Console


Once the Admin Console is displayed on the screen, select the Users: Manage Users button

BSN USers.png


Adding a User

Click the  BSN ADD USER Button.png button to add a user to the network:

  • Email: Enter the user's Email address.

  • First Name: Enter the user's first name.

  • Last Name: Enter the user's last name.

  • Description: Enter a custom description for the user.

  • Assign to Role: Select a role for the user.

A person can be part of more than one network (their email address acts as their unique identifier);

the person's password is the same for all the networks they belong to as users. For this reason, password

management must be performed by individual persons and not the network Administrator.


Editing a User

Click the Edit icon to edit the user's description and/or role.


Deleting a User

Click the Delete icon next to a user to delete that user.


BSN Delete User.png

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