The Instagram app displays a live feed of posts from your Instagram account and hashtag. You must use an Instagram business account to connect to an Enplug display. 


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You can access the Instagram app by going to the Apps drop-down at the top of the screen from anywhere in the Enplug dashboard.


Setting it Up

The Instagram app works by using hashtags and user accounts to pull posts into your feed. For example, if you add the Instagram hashtag "#enplug", all mentions that include that hashtag will be pulled into your feed.

Please visit our Setting Up Instagram article for detailed instructions on setting up an Instagram feed.


Viewing Posts

Once you have set up your feeds, you can view all posts by clicking the icon under Manage Posts to view your posts.

In the Live Posts column to the left, you'll see all posts currently in your feed. You can have up to 50 posts, with the oldest posts being removed. This keeps your feeds up to date and relevant.


There are different ways to interact with the posts:

  • To Favorite the post, click on the heart icon next to the 3 dot icon
  • To Delete a post, click on the trash icon at the bottom right of the post
  • You can also view the post on the site of origin via the 3 dot icon


To view your Favorited posts, click on the heart icon. This will only display what you have Favorited. These Favorited posts won't be pushed out no matter how old they are - they will only be removed if you unFavorite or Delete them. 



If you have Pre-Approval turned on for any of your feeds, the posts for your feed will appear on the Needs Approval column to the right. This column lists all your posts that are pending your approval before they show up on the screen.

You have the option to set Pre-Approval and Profanity Filters. When you create your configurations, you can control the content that is being displayed. To access these options, click on the Settings button. 



To Approve a post click on the check mark in the lower right hand corner of the post. 

Settings & Customization

The Settings section is where you'll set up how your Instagram app content will be displayed.

On the Image Formatting section, you can set if the image within a post will be displayed in a “Contain” or “Cover” format, set if the social network icon will be shown or hidden, and enable or disable the Call To Action screen to be displayed on your screen.

With the Call To Action screen, you have the option to configure the custom message that will be shown as well as upload your very own logo image.


You can also Style Your Wall by editing or deleting any custom theme you have. You can simply hover over any custom theme created previously and click on the "Edit” or “Delete" button. If you do not have any custom themes, you can edit a preexisting Enplug theme by hovering over it and by clicking on the “Edit theme” button.





For Instagram feeds, new posts may take 1-3 minutes to show up. 

Only public posts will show up on the Instagram feed. If someone has a private profile, their post will not be pulled into the feed.

If you would like to learn about our other social media apps which are Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp apps, please refer to the links below:


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