Setting up an Instagram Feed


Follow these steps to set up your Instagram feed:

  1. Navigate to the Social Media Wall or Instagram Wall app in your Enplug dashboard. If you have multiple display groups, choose the display group you'd like to edit from the Library.
  2. Click the Settings button on the top right. (If you haven't set up a feed before, click Set up a feed
  3. To add your Instagram account or hashtags, click Log In with Instagram and follow the prompts. From now on, Enplug will pull any posts made by this Instagram account
  4. After connecting your Instagram account, if you'd like to add a hashtag as well, enter the hashtag under Tags and click Save.

Note: Since hashtags are not available without a connected account, if you don't want your account posts to show up, check the "Don't show new posts from this account" checkbox.

If Pre-Approval is turned on, all posts from the connected account will be automatically approved and sent to the Live feed. 

As with the other social feeds, your Social Media Wall and Instagram Wall apps can hold the most recent 50 Instagram posts.

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