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The Graphics & Video app allows you to upload graphics and videos to show on your display. It's one of our most versatile apps, as it can be used for marketing content, showing your favorite photos of your venue or customers, displaying educational videos, and much more.

This guide assumes you've already selected a display group. To learn more about navigating between display groups, see the Dashboard 101 article. 

Setting it Up

  1. First, click the Apps dropdown, then click More Apps section to select the Graphics app from the list of apps.

  2. Now that you're in the Graphics app, click the Upload button to choose an image or video to upload.

    Images look best when they match the screen size and resolution. We recommend the following dimensions: 

    • Landscape: 1920 x 1080px
    • Portrait: 1080 x 1920px

    For other resolutions, we recommend a 16:9 aspect ratio

    File Types: Images should be .JPEG or .PNG to be compatible with the system. Videos should be .MP4, .AVI, or .MOV - .MPEG files are not compatible with the system. You may also upload PowerPoint presentations with images of your choice - they should be .PPT or .PPTX files.

    File Size: Video files should be less than 30 minutes long and fewer than 500MB in size. The maximum combined library content and app storage is 3GB due to the local memory limit of your device.

  3. Once you've chosen your file(s), click the Upload button to begin the uploading process. If you'd like to select different files, click Remove All to reset the uploader.
    • Note that you can also click and drag a folder of images and videos to the uploader.
  4. Once you've uploaded your graphic, you'll be prompted to choose which display group to deploy the graphic to. If you want the graphic in your Library but don't want it to play on a screen yet, don't select any display groups. The graphic(s) will continue to be available through your Library view.

Managing Content

The Graphics app provides you with many different options to make managing your content easier.

Viewing graphics for different display groups: Next to the title of the app, "Graphics & Video", click the small arrow to view graphics for other display groups, or view your Library for all available graphics. 

Filters: To see all graphics of a certain type, you can use the filter options at the top of the page. These include:

  • File type
  • Date uploaded
  • Upload source

Press Clear at any time to reset these filters.

Graphics Order: To set your graphics to show up in a certain order, you must first clear any filters you've set up. Then, hover over the graphic you'd like to reorder, and use the 3 lines in the lower left corner of the graphic to drag it to the position you'd prefer. Be sure to click 'Save Order' for the new order to take effect.

List View: If you'd prefer a list view over the tile view, you can click the list/grid toggle in the upper right hand corner. This lets you see all your graphics quickly and easily, and select or delete them as needed.

Click Edit Details to view more details and management options for your graphic.

  • The Details tab includes options for naming your graphics, along with other details about the file type. This name will show up when you hover over the graphic, for easy identification, and in the list view.
  • The Display Groups tab allows you to easily choose which display groups a graphic is added to.
  • The Schedule tab allows you to choose which days and times your graphic will show up. Note that if you have multiple locations, it's best to check the Display Groups tab to see which locations will be affected before making day/time changes.

    See our article on Scheduling Graphics for details about scheduling.

Bulk Editing

Need to edit many graphics at once? Click the small circle in the top left of the graphics to select multiple graphics at once, then click the "Edit #" in the top right of the Graphics app to edit them all at once.

To delete graphics permanently, select them using the circle checkbox, then click the red Delete button at the top of the page.

Tips & Tricks

Once you begin the uploading process, please do not navigate away from the page. This will interrupt the upload and you may have to begin again.

Sound for videos may be enabled or disabled through the Display Settings.




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