Finding the MAC Address for Your Device


You can locate the MAC address for your device on-screen during setup or on the Enplug Monitoring page. Your Network/IT team may need the MAC address from your device for firewall rules or other network management. 


Contents of this guide:

What is a MAC Address?

Find MAC Address - Initial Device Setup

Find MAC Address - Existing Devices


What is a MAC Address?

The MAC (Media Access Control) address uniquely identifies your device on the network. The MAC address is 12 characters long, with a colon between every pair of numbers or letters. Here is an example MAC address: 01:DF:3E:58:9A:F1



Find MAC Address - Initial Device Setup

When you turn the device on it will show a loading screen with the Enplug logo. After 30 to 60 seconds, another screen will load that says "Press space to connect me to the Internet." The Ethernet and Wifi MAC addresses will be listed.

Note: If the MAC Address for the WiFi adapter is not shown for the Legacy Enplug devices, it is most likely because the antenna is not plugged in. It will have to be attached to the device in order for you to get the address. Follow this guide for those setup steps.


Once connected to the internet, the following screen will display the IP address.



Find MAC Address - Existing Devices

You can find your MAC address on the Enplug dashboard using our Monitoring feature!

1. Visit the Monitoring page

2. Select "Add Filter"


3. Use the drop-down menu under Select Filter to select "MAC address - Ethernet" or "MAC Address - Wifi", depending on which connection type the device is using


4. Select "Get Results" and a new column with the MAC address of each of your devices will appear in the results list





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