Finding the MAC Address for Your Device

What is the MAC address?

The MAC (Media Access Control) address uniquely identifies your device on the network. It is different from the IP address because the MAC address is "burned into" the network adapter, and can be used to find the device before an IP address is ever set up. The MAC address is 12 characters long, with a colon between every pair of numbers or letters. It can use the characters 0 through 9, as well as letters A through F. "0"s in the address are always zeroes. Here is an example MAC address:


What is the MAC address used for?

Bypassing a captive portal

The MAC address will allow you to have the device bypass a captive portal or splash screen. An example of a captive portal is when you are using free WiFi at an airport but there is a page which loads in your browser first when you try to connect. It usually requires you to put in a PIN number or password before accessing the Internet.

Your tech team can use the MAC address to allow the device to bypass the portal. The Enplug device cannot interact with the on-screen prompts for the PIN or password, so it will need to skip the captive portal and go straight to the Internet. Otherwise the device will appear to be connected to the network, but won't actually be able to contact our servers or show live content such as new social posts.

Setting a DHCP reservation

For a variety of reasons it may be desirable to assign a static, unchanging IP address to the Enplug device. Examples include creating firewall rules or making sure the devices use a specific range of IPs. You can set the IP address via the menus on the device. However, a DHCP reservation is a better option in many cases. If you need to assign a different IP address to the device, for example, it is easier to change it on the DHCP server. Otherwise you would have to connect a keyboard to the device and go through the menus to make the change.


Some firewalls allow the creation of rules based on the MAC address. This can be a better choice than using the IP address because the MAC address will not change. 

How to find the MAC address

If your device has not yet been activated in the Enplug dashboard:

First time setup:

When you turn the device on it will show a loading screen with our logo. After 30 seconds to one minute another screen will load that says "Press space to connect me to the Internet." The MAC addresses for both the Ethernet port as well as the WiFi adapter will be listed. If the MAC address for the WiFi adapter is not shown that is most likely because it is not plugged in. It will have to be attached to the device in order for you to get the address.

You can also get the MAC address from the list of connected devices on your router.

If your device is already activated:

If you have done the initial set up for the device and it is connected to the Internet then Enplug support can provide it for you. Please just contact us at

If you need to get the MAC address for your already activated device there are several options.

If you are using WiFi:

You can plug the antenna into a USB port on a Windows desktop or laptop. Open a command prompt and use the "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) command to show the MAC address. Look for "Realtek" in the output to determine which device is the correct one. The "Physical Address" is the MAC address.


If you are using Ethernet:

If you are using Ethernet and the device has already been activated, then some additional steps will be required.

The process requires temporarily removing the device from the dashboard. Go to the display group where the device was activated and click on the trashcan icon for the device you want to remove.


Wait for the device to reboot, and it will show a two word phrase.

Unplug the Ethernet cable, then unplug the power. Leave the Ethernet cable unplugged, but plug the power back in. The antenna should not be plugged in at any point during this process.

The device will boot up and go to a screen that says "Press Space to Connect Me to the Internet." In the lower right hand portion of the screen the MAC address for Ethernet will be listed.





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