Emergency Alert App

The purpose of the Emergency Alert App is to alert users of any environmental crisis, accidents, criminal activities, etc. The app can also be used for any critical alerts like, weather alerts (e.g., tornadoes, floods, fire, etc.), quarantines, etc. 

The Emergency Alert App is not part of your playlist. It will only display when an emergency happens.

Follow these steps to set up your Emergency Alert App:

  • To create your first Alert, you will need to select the Alert source. 
    • You have 2 Alert options to chose from which are Rave & Blackboard. Rave allows Alerts to be pushed into Enplug, while Blackboard pulls the Alerts into Enplug. 
    • To create an account, follow these instructions for Blackboard or Rave.

Once you create your Emergency Alert, you will see it on your Dashboard when you go to your Display group.

Below is an example of how the Emergency Alert App would display the message:

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