Dashboard Customization & White Labeling


The Enplug dashboard can be customized for your organization's needs, such as the branding, theme, and support contact information. 

White labeling is a feature of the Enplug customizable dashboard. With access to this dashboard customization, you can edit or remove the white label. 

These are Enterprise level features and a Network Account is required for these features(see Network Accounts) Contact your Account Manager if you are interested in adding them to your account.


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Dashboard customization overview

Edit white label

Additional information


Dashboard Customization Overview

The Dashboard Customization menu allows you to change the theme, contact information, and more for your dashboard experience. 

To access the Dashboard Customization menu, log into your Enplug Dashboard:

  • Click on "Customize Dashboard"  from your Network Account home pagemceclip0.png
  • Toggle between the Branding, Color Theme, and Support tabs to personalize your contentmceclip1.png
  • Click "Save" to apply changes


Edit White Label

Edit the white label to personalize your display to reflect your brand or remove it entirely.

  • Open the Display Group
  • Select the "White Label" tabmceclip4.png
  • Change the text in the Message line to edit the White Labelmceclip2.png
  • Toggle the White Label option off to disable it for a Display Groupmceclip3.png
  • Click "Save" to apply changes


Additional Information

  • The White Label is supported with apps like News and Weather. Here is an example of how it will look on the screen:mceclip5.png
  • As another customizable feature available for customers with access to white label editing, the Enplug dashboard supports domain masking.




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