Managing Enterprise Device Deployments

For enterprise clients deploying multiple devices across different physical locations, there are a few methods available.

Before you order any devices:

There may be specific IT requirements at your deployment locations. You should consult with your IT team to see if any of these points are relevant to your deployments.

• Resolution: In almost every case, an Enplug device will automatically configure itself to a displays optimal resolution. If you have a very old or non-standard display, additional steps may be necessary. You may have to disable EDID in which case the device will fall back to 1080P, or manually set the resolution.
• MAC ID information: If you require the MAC ID's of the Enplug devices before you connect them to your network, you should take this into consideration when planning your deployment. Enplug devices will display both their LAN and WiFi MAC addresses on the 'Connect Me To The Internet' which is immediately displayed after boot.
• How many locations: Enplug orders come with 1 free mini keyboard. If you are deploying to multiple locations, you may need to purchase additional keyboards or make sure a keyboard is available at each site. Enplug devices are compatible with any standard USB keyboard.

Full on-site set-up at each location:

The set-up process for Enplug devices is extremely user friendly and can in most cases be completely taken care of by any personnel on site at each deployment location, even if they have no technical background. 

Please see this document for a detailed summary of device set-up.

If each location is intended to have screens managed by users at that location, you can provision users in advance and allow them to completely set-up their devices. Also see: Creating Display Groups for a Specific Account

f each location is not intended to have access to manage their displays, on site personnel can make note of the set-up phrases shown on each display and send that information back to the desired administrator so they can link them to the desired display groups.

Pre set-up at a staging location:

If desired, it is possible for a customer to pre-configure their devices at a central location before distributing them to satellite locations.

Devices can be connected to the internet at a single location and then added to the desired display groups. After this they can be sent to their final destination for deployment. They will retain their configuration even after being disconnected, and the they simply need to be connected to the internet at the installation location. If the WiFi/network credentials at the deployment locations are identical to those at the initial set-up location, the devices will automatically connect to the network without additional intervention.


Devices for any order can be shipped to any number of locations in any quantity breakdown. 

This can be done either all at once, or orders can be made over time to facilitate staggered deployments.

Orders are usually processed the same day, and standard and expedited shipping options are available. Note that for very large orders, additional fulfillment time may be required.

Info for network administrators / IT staff:

If your deployment locations have any special considerations for network or AV configuration, please loop in your IT team before placing an order. These considerations might include non-1080P display hardware without EDID and networks with MAC authentication. For additional information please see this article.

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