Adding Users & User Permissions

To manage your Enplug account most effectively, you may need to add other users to help manage the content for different locations.

To view the users who currently have access to your account, go to your account page by clicking your account dropdown in the upper right hand corner, then clicking the My Account button. In the account view, click the People tab to view the users currently in your account.

Creating Users

To create either type of user, click the "Add a person" button, then enter their name and email address. They will receive an email to set their password when you save the user.

There are two types of users available: Admin users and Limited users. Limited users are generally given access only to certain display groups. They are not able to see/edit billing information, see/edit other users, add/delete displays, or delete display groups. However, they do have access to add and edit (most) content*.

When you create a limited user, you will be prompted to assign them to certain display groups. The number of display groups they have access to will show up to the right of their name. Which display groups they have access to can be changed at any time by clicking this number of groups.

Limited users are best used for managers of a certain location, who will need access to add or edit social and other content occasionally, but shouldn't have access to billing or other admin info.

Here is a breakdown of the abilities available to the two types of users:

View & edit app content Yes* Yes
View display groups Yes* Yes
View & change billing info No Yes
Add & delete display groups No Yes
Add & delete displays Yes* Yes
View, add, & delete users No Yes

*Note that Limited users are only able to view the display groups they have been given access to.

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