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With the Enplug Web Page App, you can display a variety of websites on your Enplug-powered display. You can set up a web page to show web content in two general ways. You can either display an existing website, or you can get creative and whip up your own concoction of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to display anything you can imagine on your HD display. Let's get started!


While the Web Page app is compatible with many websites, we can't guarantee the support of all websites. If you are unable to load a particular web page on your display, please contact our support team to help determine if the page is supported.


Contents of this guide:


Accessing the App

Add the Web Page app to your dynamic app playlist

  • Select "Apps" > "All Apps"
  • Select "Web Page"


Adding a Website

To show an existing website on your display, follow the steps below. 

1. Click "Add Web Page" 

2. Enter the full URL and a name for the webpage you'd like to add

Click "Save" when you're finished

3. You will be prompted to assign the webpage to a Display Group. Check the button(s) to choose the Display Group

4. You can also schedule the web page content from this pop-up window. Click on the "Schedule" tab. Here you can set the duration the site will be shown on screen, days, times, and Priority Play options. In the example below, all of the scheduling features are turned on:

Select "Save Changes" 

5. You will be redirected to your Web Page Library. This will show all your web pages in all locations, and how many display groups they are currently showing on. Click the TV icon under "Displays" to change which display groups your web page is displayed on. 


Advanced Settings

Click "Show Advanced Settings" to customize the webpage app even further:

  1. Page Loading:
    • Cache the page to force the display to automatically reload at a specific interval
    • Set delay on loading time to ensure pages that take a longer time to load or devices on a slower internet connection to have time to load the content
    • Enable React to touch to interact with a touch-screen-enabled display or use your mouse/keyboard on the web page. Not all websites and hardware will be supported for touch functionality. 

    Please note: URLs not https:// may not function as expected

Screen Shot 2023-07-21 at 10.44.16 AM.jpg

  1. JavaScript Settings: 
    • Include custom JavaScript code, which will execute when the web page loads. Check out example scripts for Salesforce, and Bonfyre, or other generic snippets. 
    • If your web page requires a login, you can specify your username and password. Enplug will enter this information when the web page loads. Custom JavaScript is required to relay the username and password data to the website.

Please note: JavaScript is only supported on Enplug Devices and Enplug Windows Player. JavaScript is not supported on Web Player, Content URL, or 3rd party devices such as Bright Sign devices.


Suggested Website Integration

Here is a list of websites customers have successfully used in the Webpage app. Follow any available links for more information:


 Additional Information

  • In order for a Webpage to work in conjunction with the Zoning app, it must be allowed to be embedded on other pages
  • If you have used custom JavaScript for webpage login, a preview and screenshot will not be available for the content




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