Tips for Connecting Enplug to the Internet

Tips for Connecting Enplug to the Internet Enplug works best when your device is connected to a stable, reliable network. When Enplug loses its connection to the Internet, it will stop pulling live updates to your content.

1. Don’t use a public WiFi network

We recommend using a password-protected network to connect your device to the internet. WiFi networks with names like “Guest-WiFi” or “Hotel-Guest” are unreliable and often programmed to cut service from internet devices (like Enplug) after a short period of time. If connecting to a public WiFi network is your only option, consider reserving a static IP address for your Enplug device (this should be done on your router).

2. Adjust your Firewall settings

Your Enplug device is constantly pulling new web content from various sources, from social media to RSS feeds. If your network is behind a firewall, Enplug may have trouble pulling certain types of content content. Check with your network administrator to ensure that your Enplug device is allowed all outbound HTTPS requests without any restrictions.

3. Keep your WiFi password up to date

If your WiFi password changes, you’ll need to update it on your device. Using a USB keyboard to access the device’s settings, follow the same steps you took when you first set up your device.

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