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Enplug | Content Library App | Users Guide
This guide contains instructions on using the Content Library app in Enplug.



Accessing the Content Library
Creating & Editing Playlists



The Content Library app offers a curated collection of video and photo content that can be used to create informative and engaging playlists!

Accessing the Content Library

  1. Go to your Apps dropdown and enter “Content Library” in the search field

  2. Click on Content Library to open the Content Library app.

Creating & Editing Playlists

  1. To create your own playlist from scratch, click the New Playlist button. To create a playlist based on a curated playlist, click Choose a playlist.

  2. After creating a new playlist or choosing a playlist, name the playlist.

  3. Find content to add to the playlist by navigating through the categories and tags on the left or by uploading content by clicking on Your Uploads. 

  1. Click on the > arrows to open the categories on the left and browse through the content.

  2. Add content to the playlist by clicking on the green plus sign or on the Add button.

  3. Adjust the duration of any photos, as needed (note: video length can not be adjusted).


  1. Adjust the positioning of items in the playlist by clicking the 6 dots located on the upper left of the thumbnail.

  2. Select the type of transition to use between playlist items.

  3. Click Save to save the playlist.

  1. Choose the display group/s you want to display the playlist on and click Save Changes.


Your playlist will now play on your selected Display Group/s!

Content Expiration Dates

All items in the Content Library can be viewed and added to playlists, but some content will only display on-screen during a defined period (for example, seasonal/holiday content). 


Expiration dates are noted on the content item both in the library and on your playlist.


Items will remain in your playlist outside of the expiration date period, but will not play on-screen.



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