Sports Center

The Sports Center app is a great way to keep up with your teams' latest scores, stats, schedule, and other useful information.

Setting it Up

First, click on the Apps dropdown, then the More Apps section.  From there you can select the Sports Center app.


Next, you'll see a place where you can type in a name for this configuration.  You can have multiple different configurations for multiple different display groups.  Using this to name them will help you differentiate between the different feeds.


Under the configuration name, you can choose which sport(s) you would like to keep up with.  You can choose as many as you want.

After you choose your sport(s), a new section will appear that will allow you to specify a team to follow (or multiple teams).  You can choose to search by either team name or team location.  If you choose team name, simply type in the team name, and the dialogue box should have a dropdown of the teams matching the name you typed.  If you choose team location, the location you use should match one of the following criteria:

  • 5 digit U.S. zip code
  • 6 character Canadian postal code with no spaces
  • U.S. City and State: "Chicago, IL"
  • Non-U.S. City and Country using two commas: "London,,GB" or "San Jose,,CR"
    • Be sure to use two commas between city and country; spaces in city name are fine
    • Country should be a valid 2-character ISO code
  • Latitude, Longitude: "44.93419,-93.337603"

After you type in the location, you can hover your mouse over the "Preview Teams" button and see the teams that the specified location will show.

You will have to select either by name or by location in order to proceed further.  You cannot select both.


After you have selected your team(s), you will have the option to select what information/page views can show.  You can select as many of the 6 options as you'd like.

After you have finished your configuration, press the Save button in the upper right corner.  A window will popup allowing you to choose which display groups this app will be displayed on.


Once you have chosen which display groups you would like this configuration to be displayed on, click Save Changes to deploy the Sports Center app to your screen(s).


Tips & Tricks

If you change the orientation of your screen, your views may not update to match the new portrait or landscape setup. We would suggest removing your configurations, switching your display's orientation, then re-adding the posters you'd like to show up.


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