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Using the program Plastuer, you can easily set your Windows wallpaper to your Enplug Content URL. Teleworking employees can view announcements right from their computer background!

For more information for setting up Content URLs, check out our support guide here.

Note: Every active instance of this URL will require a license. If you have no available licenses on your account, you will not be able to view the content.  


Contents of this Guide

Download Plastuer

Copy the Content URL

Install Plastuer


Download Plastuer

1. Visit Plaster's website at http://plastuer.com/ to purchase the program. After you complete your purchase, they will send the installation files to the email you provided at checkout

2. Download the zip file

3. Unzip the files from Plastuer.zip


Copy the Content URL

Choose a Display Group you want to show content from and copy the Content URL to complete the Chrome setup process

1. On the Enplug Dashboard, click “Display Groups” > Display Group name


2. Copy the Content URL


3. If you don't have a Content URL set up, follow these steps to complete the process, then copy the link


Install Plastuer

1. Run plastuer.exe

2. Select a monitor to edit


3. Paste your Content URL


4. Click "Save"

5. The Enplug content will load and start playing as your wallpaper!



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