The Enplug Monitoring page provides a quick overview of the current status of all Enplug displays on your account.


Contents of this guide:

Accessing the Monitoring Page

Results List

Display Details


Accessing the Monitoring Page

Select the Monitoring button from anywhere on the dashboard


or, click Monitoring on the Home Page



Results List

The results list on the Monitoring page shows the Display name, assigned Display Group name, and the current health status of each display. 

1. The colored circle to the left of your device information is the device status:

      • Green - The device is online and working correctly
      • Yellow - Device is online in an error state
      • Gray - Device is offline


2. Search by keyword to narrow down the results list


3. Click on each column heading to sort your results list



Display Details

From the monitoring page, you can access display details for Online devices. Hover over a display to see the command buttons. 

1. The Get Screenshot button allows you to view a screenshot of the content showing on your display in real-time. 



2. The Monitoring details button allows you to view helpful display details such as the MAC Address



ProTip: Account administrators can send commands to online devices and access advanced monitoring options. If you are interested in adding this Enterprise Feature to your account, contact your account manager.

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