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Enplug's Content URLs allow you to easily share your Display Group with others, eliminating the need for pairing a new device. 

Simply open the Content URL in your web browser on a PC to view your Display Group Content. Set your Windows ScreenSaver, Mac ScreenSaver, Windows wallpaper, or default Chrome pages to your Content URL for Enplug access anywhere!

NOTE: For best results, please use Google Chrome web browser on a computer set to not time out. 


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Setting it Up

Activating the Content URL for your display can be done from the Display Group.

1. Click “Display Groups” > Display Group name


2. Scroll down to the "Content URL Licenses" section

3. Click "Add New URL"


4. In the pop-up window, name your Content URL

5. Assign a license allocation for the Content URL

Note: Every active instance of this URL will require a license. If you have no available license on your account, you will not be able to view the content. 


6. Click "Save"

7. You can now view the name and link of your Content URL



Control Buttons

1. Copy the URL by clicking the "Copy to clipboard" button


2. Then, simply paste the URL in your browser or share the link with others, to view the Display Group content

3. Click the "Open in new window" button to launch the player in a popout window


4. Click the "Delete" button to remove the Content URL


5. Once a screen using your Content URL is viewed, your "Licenses in Use" and "Unique Registrations" will update accordingly.

  • The "Licenses in Use" are the live number of licenses used at any given time.
  • The "Unique Registrations" are a consecutive count of new browsers that have opened the URL.



Advanced Features

1. Sent a Content URL as your Windows screensaver with the Enplug Screensaver

2. Set a Content URL as your Windows wallpaper with the Enplug Wallpaper

3. Set a Content URL as your default Chrome home page, startup page, or new tab


Additional Information

1. If using portrait mode on a PC, use the Windows settings to flip your screen to portrait to match the Display Group's orientation

2. The suggested compatible browser is Google Chrome

3. If "No Content Available" is displayed on the screen, you have exceeded your license count



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