Wifi Connectivity Troubleshooting


If you find yourself losing network connectivity here are some possible solutions:

1. First, determine if your location is crowded with 2.4 GHz WiFi networks. A 5GHz adapter will improve connection quality when the root issue is interference on the 2.4GHz band. Free applications such as WiFi Analyzer for Android and WiFi Analyzer for Windows can provide information on band usage.

2. A high gain antenna for the 2.4GHz network adapter can be a solution in some circumstances where the root cause is weak signal strength.

3. It is possible to connect your Enplug Device to the internet via a cable. If you're able to supply a hard line to the device, this is the most stable connectivity solution.
4. A USB extension cord or universal adapter like the EAN66 / GWU637 / TL-WR802N can be used to provide improved connectivity in some end-user configurations by allowing the use of a cable run to place the receiver in a more optimal location.

5. A powerline adapter is an option to provide Ethernet connectivity through electrical wiring as an alternative to WiFi. This solution may not be compatible or reliable with all buildings.
6. The WiFi router that you are using could be a factor. The exact model of router that would work best for your location will be determined by a few factors and your IT staff or network administrator would be best suited to advise here, but some general recommendations are:
  • Orbi is a consumer facing mesh router that has good reviews for the use case of distributing WiFi over a large area. There is also enterprise facing equivalents from companies like Meraki and Ubiquiti.
  • SmallNetBuilder is a good website to see reviews & rankings of routers with fairly deep technical analysis.
7. Cellular data can be leveraged to bring connectivity to locations where other options are not available. Solutions for this include consumer facing hotspots from vendors like Verizon, DIY cellular routers from manufacturers like Cradlepoint or Peplink, and turn-key enterprise solutions from companies like OptConnect.

If you continue to experience connectivity issues, you may want to consider engaging the services of a provider such as HelloTech or Amazon to improve the configuration of your local network. We can also suggest corporate/enterprise System Integrators that have worked with Enplug in the past, feel free to email support@enplug.com for recommendations.
NOTE: The media players are capable of storing credentials and logging into a wireless network, but cannot login to an active portal or splash page to gain Internet access.  
It is also best to isolate these devices and not put them on a wireless 'guest network'. 

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