Bypassing a network captive portal or splash page

Splash pages are a fact of life when using WiFi. Many networks require the user to enter a PIN or agree to the terms of service before access to the Internet is granted. This is common in places like hotels, convention centers, or other places that WiFi is provided by the venue. In some cases, enterprise IT teams require company employees to pass through the portal before getting on their own network.

If your device can connect to your network and obtain an IP address, but cannot reach the Internet, a captive portal is a likely cause. Here's how to fix it:

By MAC Address

One way of bypassing a portal is by white-listing the device's MAC address on the network gear that is responsible for directing new connections to the portal. There are full instructions for using this method here.

Using the MAC address for whitelisting is not always the fastest approach, but it is the more permanent one. However, sometimes there just isn't time to contact your tech team to see about getting the device on the whitelist. Or in a case such as using it at a tradeshow, the IT environment is completely out of your hands. That's why we have a second method that does not require you to have access to any network equipment to use.

Using the Device's Browser

For this technique to work you will need a keyboard. It can be the one that you may have been sent when your order was shipped, or it can be any other USB keyboard, such as one borrowed from a desktop computer.

Please note that while doing this process the screen will flash black and it will go back to the Enplug loading screen with our logo. This will happen every 30 seconds or so. When it does, you should just tap the escape key and it will instantly take you back to right where you were in the menus.

Using a mouse is also strongly recommended. If you have one of the small wireless keyboards we sell, you can use the track pad.

Step 1: Open the device's app drawer and select the browser

Once you have the keyboard plugged in and the device powered up it is very easy to open the app drawer. Simply press the Alt key and the Escape key at the same time.

A list of apps will show up on screen. Press the Tab key then use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select the browser. Press Enter.


Step 2: Bypass the portal in the browser

When the browser opens the splash page should load. You can then use the keyboard or keyboard and mouse to enter the appropriate credentials or click on any buttons such as one to accept usage terms.

After that you should be free to have access to the Internet. It may be necessary to do this process periodically, depending on your network security settings. That's why white-listing the MAC address is the preferred method.


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