Setting Up Windows Player

Already installed the Windows player and need to resize it? Visit this article


To use Enplug digital display software on your Windows computer, follow the steps below. Please note that the Windows player is only supported on Windows 10. 


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Download Windows Player

Install Windows Player

Setting It Up


Download Windows Player

  1. Verify your computer meets the Windows Player system requirements.
  2. Visit
  3. Select "Download" for the Desktop or Laptop version.


Install Windows Player

  1. Once your package has downloaded, open it.
  2. When prompted to answer "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?", click "Yes".
  3. Close the installer, then click "OK" when prompted.
  4. You can open the application using the Enplug Display icon on your desktop.


Setting It Up

Congratulations! You are now a few clicks away from getting Enplug live on your PC.

The Enplug Display software will open to this screen:

mceclip0.pngThis 2-word phrase is known as a Setup Phrase. You'll use it to add this display to your account.

  • If you'd like to add the PC display to an existing display group, you'll have to select the display group, then click Add a display on the Display Settings page. For more detailed instructions, see this guide.
  • If you'd like to create a new display group for the PC display, with brand new content, you can go to the Displays dropdown, then click Add display group. For more detailed instructions, see this article.

Uninstalling Enplug Windows Player


To uninstall the Enplug Windows Player, sign in to your Windows machine and click the Windows key to load the menu.



Select the Enplug User icon and choose Sign Out.



From the main dashboard, login as a standard user. Note: it is required that the user profile have permissions to add and remove applications. 



Once you’ve signed in to the standard account, access the Users section and then select Change Users. The profile will be listed as an Enplug user. 


Click the Remove button to remove the file.


When the confirmation pop up appears, select Delete Account and data.




Next, go to Apps or Programs, then look for Enplug Display as an Installed App. Choose the settings icon (3 dots) to the right of the program and then select Uninstall.



A pop up window will ask to confirm if you wish to proceed with uninstalling. Click the Uninstall button to remove the application. 



Check that the program is completely uninstalled by verifying that the following commands are shown on the Uninstallation Complete pop-up:




Select to Reboot Now to complete the uninstall process, then click Finish.



After Reboot, check that the application has been successfully uninstalled by clicking the Windows Key, then select Accounts > Users and verify that the Enplug user has been removed. If there is no longer an Enplug User, the application has been successfully removed.



If any questions arise or if further support is needed with uninstalling Enplug’s Window Player, please contact Enplug Support.

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