Link a Device and Add New Content


If this is your first device or you want to create display groups with different content than your existing displays, follow the steps below. This article will walk you through creating a new display group, which you can populate with new content.

This guide assumes you have already connected your device to the internet.

If you're adding additional devices to an existing account and would like this device to mirror existing content, visit this guide instead.


Contents of this guide:

Add New Display Group

Edit Display Group Details

Connect New Display

Add Content to the Display


Add a New Display Group

Under the Display Groups dropdown, click "Add New"


Edit the Display Group details

1. Fill in the display group details:

  • Name the Display Group (Required) 
  • Add Tags (Optional)
  • Select a Timezone (Required)
  • Select a Screen Orientation (Required)
  • Add a display address (Optional)

2. Select "Next"



Connect the Display to the New Display Group

  • Name the Display
  • Enter the setup phrase from your screen
  • Select "Add Device"




Pro Tip: If you want to add an "empty" display group, with no device attached, select "Skip this Step" and your Display Group will be added without a connected display. This is useful if you are adding or testing new content but don't have an Enplug device.




Add Content to the Display

Now that your Display Group is set up and your Display is added to it, you will see a "Ready to Play" message on the screen until you add apps! Add apps from the "Apps" dropdown at the top of the dashboard. 

For step by step instructions on setting up your first app, check out this guide!


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