Firewall - Allowlisting domain names or IP addresses

If your company uses a firewall to restrict access to internet domains from within its corporate network, you will need to allowlist the following domain names for the Enplug devices to work properly or for you to be able to use the Enplug configuration dashboard:


1. Devices:

Our devices need to be able to connect to the following Enplug domains to work properly: (only if using social apps, such as Instagram).

The devices also use the Amazon Web Service Simple Queue Service (SQS):*

as well as one Amazon Web Services S3 bucket:*

If you are showing RSS news feeds, websites, sales dashboards, etc., then the domain names to those third-party websites need to be allowed too.


2. Dashboard:

The Enplug configuration dashboard connects to the following domains:

Additionally, if you intend to upload files for use with the Graphics and Video app, you will need to allow the following wildcard domain name: *


Full list: [api, assets, cdn, cloud, dialog, process, static, upload, www]


3. Using IP addresses instead of domain names is not recommended as the Enplug Servers use a Dynamic IP scheme.

To obtain the current IP addresses, we recommend using the Dig command or Ping to any of the above full domain names.


In general, we recommend allowing domain names instead of individual IP addresses because the IP addresses of third-party services, such as Amazon Web Services and CloudFlare, can change at any time.


Should you need them, the IP addresses for the Amazon Web Services are available at You will need to allow at least the ranges for the Simple Queue Service and S3.


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