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Welcome to the Enplug Dashboard! The Home Page provides an account overview with links to account settings and helpful widgets to monitor your account. 


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Accessing the Home Page

Account Settings

Quick Links


User Settings


Accessing the Home Page

When you log in to the Enplug Dashboard, your default view will open to the Home Page.


If you browse to another page on the dashboard, return to the home page by selecting the Enplug logo in the top right corner of the dashboard. 



Account Settings

On the left of the menu, you will have account options, users, monitoring, default settings, or any other categories that are enabled for your account. Your list may differ from the image below, depending on what features your user account has access to. Click any of the options to view the settings or features. 



Quick Links

Click on the available Quick links to view Enplug Windows Downloads, shop on our online store, and for product updates. 




In the primary window of the Home Screen, you will find the widgets. Enplug has a growing selection of widgets that give you a quick glance of account status, tips, and more. 

1. To change your widget view, select "Edit Widgets".


2. Add widgets by clicking on "Add Widget" and selecting the name of the widget you wish to add. If you don't see an Add Widget option, you are already using all of the available widgets for your account. 


3. Remove widgets by clicking mceclip11.png, resize widgets by dragging mceclip10.png, and move widgets by clicking mceclip9.png 


4. When you're done customizing your widget view, select "Save"



User Account Settings

Quickly access your personal user settings from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of any dashboard page. Click to view account settings, user settings, and more.


Visit this guide for more information about changing your personal user account settings.


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