Enabling Your First App


You have created a Display Group, connected a display, and see the "Ready to Play" message on your screen. Now, it's time to add your first app to your Display Group. 

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and enabling your first app - in this case, the Weather app.

Guides for setting up other Enplug apps can be found here.


Contents of this guide

Accessing the App

Setting It Up

Changing Assigned Display Groups


Accessing the App

1. To access an app, select the "Apps" dropdown at the top of the screen

2. On the "All Apps" tab, browse the available apps

3. Select the arrows or page numbers at the bottom of the menu to browse through the full list

4. When you find an app you would like to add to your display, click on it. In this case, we are going to choose the Weather app

5. This will open to a new page where you can set up the app



Setting It Up

1. Set up the app content. In this case, since we are setting up the Weather app, I simply needed to type the name of my city in the Location field and choose one of the auto-populated options


2. Click "Save" to create the content


3. You will be prompted to apply it to a Display Group. Select the Display Group(s) to which you want to add the new content and select "Save Changes"


4. Open the Display Group you added the app to, and you can now see the app in the Dynamic App Playlist. It will also start playing on your display!



Changing Assigned Display Group

Maybe after adding the content to your Display Group, you realized you added it to the wrong one or want to add it to an additional Display Group. Now that the content is created, it's really easy to add the content to other Display Groups or remove it. 

1. Using the "Apps" dropdown again, select the app (you can also select it in the Dynamics App Playlist). This time since it's an active app, you can quickly find it under the "Active Apps" tab


Tip: You will see a small blue dot in the top right corner of an app icon in the Apps menu if it is active on the account. 

2. Click on the "Displays" icon next to the content you want to reassign


3. You will see a list of your available Display Groups. Add or remove the app by checking or unchecking the selector for each Display Group


4. When you're done managing the Display Group assignment, click "Save Changes"


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