Tagging Display Groups

In case you have a large number of display groups and have difficulty locating them in order to assign them the desired graphics, you can use the tag feature to label your display groups. This will allow for quick and easy searching. 

Adding Tags

To assign a tag, go to your desired display group's Settings page. Below the "Displays" section is the Display Tags section. In this text field, you can add whatever tags you would like in order to distinguish your display group. 

After typing in your tag, press Enter or the Spacebar to convert it into a tag.

For example, if this display group is used to show upcoming events, and is in the lobby of its location, you could tag it as Events and Lobby, as shown below.

Finally, once you've added the desired tags, click the Save button in the upper right corner.

Using Tags

Once these tags are added, you can use them for easy identification of display groups within the Graphics app. If you are assigning a graphic to all screens that display event information, you can search for all tagged as "Events" by clicking the Show Tags option:

Once you can see the available tags, click the one you'd like to filter for - in this case, the "Events" tag.

When a tag is selected it will show up as filled with green. Otherwise, it will have a green outline. Once you have filtered for your desired display groups, you can use the Select All button to immediately select all that match that filter.

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