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With the Enplug Activity Log, you can view recent dashboard activity such as changes to content, Displays, and Display Groups. 

Contact your Account Manager if you are interested in adding this Enterprise feature to your account.


Contents of this guide

Setting Activity Log Permissions

Accessing the Activity Log

Searching the Log

Filtering the Result List


Setting Activity Log Permissions

To access the Activity Log, a user or user role must have the "Security" option enabled. To set the permission for this, open the Users or User Roles menu on your Enplug dashboard.

  • Select the User or User Role you'd like to apply the change tomceclip1.png
  • Enable the "Security" option under Accountmceclip2.png
  • Select "Save"

For more information about editing user permissions or user roles check out the linked guides. 


Accessing Activity Log

The Activity Log is located in the navigation menu on the dashboard Home Page.



Searching the Log

Once you open the Activity Log, select "Get Results" to view your account activity.


You will be able to view activity for multiple users and actions. The activity log will appear in chronological order by default. 



Filtering the Result List

To narrow down the result list, use the drop-downs at the top of the page to filter by:

  • Display Group
  • App
  • Activity
  • Start and End Date (logs are limited to a maximum of 30 days old)

Once you select filters, click "Get Results" to view your Activity Log. 


Sort your result list by clicking on the column headings.


ProTip: You can share a filtered view of the Activity Log with another user. Select themceclip7.pngtool, copy the link, then share with another user with Activity Log access. 



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