Enplug ScreenSaver for Windows


The Enplug ScreenSaver allows you to set your Enplug Content URL as your Windows 10 ScreenSaver. This feature can be accessed from any location, allowing even remote employees to view your Enplug content.

For more information for setting up Content URLs, check out our support guide here.

Note: Every actively running instance of the ScreenSaver will require a license. If you have no available licenses on your account, you will not be able to view the content. 

After setup is completed, the Windows 10 computer will need access to the internet to function.


Contents of this guide

Download the Enplug ScreenSaver

Install the Enplug ScreenSaver

Copy the Content URL

Setting up the Enplug ScreenSaver

Enterprise Configuration


Download the Enplug ScreenSaver

Download the installer for the Enplug Screen Saver software from: Download Enplug Page



Install the Enplug ScreenSaver

Once you have downloaded the installer, open the file to begin the installation process.

1. Click "Next" to continue


2. Select "I Agree" to license agreement


3. Wait for the screen saver to complete downloading and installing


4. Once complete, select "Finish"


Tip: Installing Enplug ScreenSaver on multiple computers? Check out the Enterprise Configuration steps!


Copy the Content URL

You must copy the Content URL from a Display Group to complete the ScreenSaver setup process. 

1. On the Enplug Dashboard, click “Display Groups” > Display Group name


2. Copy the Content URL


3. If you don't have a Content URL set up, follow these steps to complete the process, then copy the link


Setting up the Enplug ScreenSaver

1. In the Enplug ScreenSaver dialogue, paste your Content URL


2. Click "OK"


3.  Edit your Windows Screen Saver settings to control when the Enplug ScreenSaver will appear on the screen


4. Select "OK" to save


Enterprise Configuration

1. Download the Screen Saver (Windows) Installer from the Download Enplug Page

2. On your antivirus program and/or Windows Defender, please whitelist the Enplug-Screen-Saver-Installer.exe prior to installation.

3. When deploying with an MDM or other enterprise software distribution tool, each group of computers will need its own bundle of the install file, and the command line options pushed out to them.

: Below are the command line options that are used:

  • Enplug-Screen-Saver-Installer.exe - This is the executable file name. You may need to add the specific location depending on your software distribution tool.
  • /S - Silent Install, nothing is shown on the screen
  • /url="Content_URL" - This is the URL corresponding to the Display to the Display Group. Please remember to put in the quotation marks when specifying it on the /url="URL_goes_here" and no space between the equal sign and the first quotation mark
    • Note: The Content URL can be created on the Display Group you wish to show content from. Instructions can be found here: Content URLs
  • /lockurl - This locks the URL in the Windows Control Panel and makes it so that end users are not able to change or delete it

    An example command prompt might look like this:
    C:\Users\Public>Enplug-Screen_Saver_Installer.exe /S  /url="https://player.enplug.com/#/display/1234567890" /lockurl
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