Managing My Displays


The Displays section of your Display Group lists your currently connected displays. From this section, you can edit, move, add, delete displays, and more!


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Display Management

Display Details


Display Management

From the Display section of your Display Group, you can:

  1. Add a new display - Follow this guide for steps to link a new display to your existing Display Group.
  2. Identify your display - Follow this guide to learn how to identify your display. Use this feature to help identify unknown devices or confirm the names of devices.
  3. Swap Display Groups - Move your display to a different Display Group.
  4. Delete your Display - This will remove your display from the Display group, reset the display, and revert to a setup phrase on the screen. 



Display Details

To access and change display details, click on the name of your display from the Display Group.


From here, you can: 

  1. Change your Display name.
  2. Change the orientation (if in portrait mode) between Portrait and Portrait Flipped.
  3. Enable Rs232 - This feature allows you to set Operating Hours for your display for supported TV models.
  4. Disable EDID - Changes how the TV autodetects the display's resolution and power settings.mceclip0.png
  5. Set up a maintenance schedule - Set automatic reboot or clear cache to your display to improve general performance.mceclip1.png
  6. Reduce bandwidth usage - Limit bandwidth on a metered connection by customizing how often the content refreshes.
  7. Permanently delete the Display.mceclip2.png

ProTip: To check the status of a display, visit your account monitoring page. For more monitoring information, visit the Monitoring support guide

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