Advanced Monitoring


The advanced monitoring page is an enterprise feature that provides the flexibility of filtering the monitoring page to narrow down your search result. It also provides an advanced details page to view device history and logs. 

Contact your Account Manager if you are interested in adding this feature to your account.

By default, your account has a standard monitoring page enabled. Visit this guide for more details. 


Contents of this guide

Accessing the Monitoring Page

Results List

Filter the Results List

Share the Results List URL

Download the Results List

Sending Commands

Help, my device is offline!


Accessing the Monitoring Page

Select the Monitoring button from anywhere on the dashboard


or, click Monitoring on the Home Page



Results List

The results list, by default, shows all the displays on your account. If you have limited access, you will only see the displays to which you're assigned permission. 

If you have a long results list, filtering it is an easy way to narrow down your results and add more information columns that may be helpful for your reference.


Filter the Results List

There are a number of categories by which you can filter your results list, and your options may vary based on the features enabled for your account. Here are some examples:

a. Region

b. Status

      • Green - The device is online and working correctly
      • Yellow - Device is online in an error state
      • Gray - Device is offline

c. Name/keyword

c. Display Group

d. Custom filter


Use a custom filter to view additional display details. For example, you can view your devices' MAC addresses:

1. Select "Add Filter"


ProTip: Add multiple filters to narrow down your results list or view more device data.

2. Select the desired Filter from the dropdown list. 


3. (Optional) Enter any desired search parameters. If you want to view all results, leave this blank. 


4. Select "Get Results"


5. You will now see a new column added to the results list for each filter added



Share the Results List URL

Click the mceclip6.png button, then the Copy button to copy the filtered result list URL to your clipboard and send to another user



Download the Results List

You can download the Results List if you need an offline copy of the monitoring page.

1. Simply check the box beside each display, as needed, or choose the top box to select all

2. Click the "Export CSV" button


3. Select the columns to export

4. Click the "Export" button



Sending Commands

You can send commands to your online devices to reboot, clear cache, take screenshots, and more. Hover over a display to see the command buttons. 

  • Select the Send Command button to send a remote command to your device, then choose a command in the drop-down list such as clear cache or reboot



  • To send bulk commands, select multiple devices with the check box, or check the top box to select all, then select the "Send Command" button


  • Click the Get Screenshot button to view a screenshot of the content showing on your display in real-time



  • Click the Monitoring Details button to view a detailed device page with additional information




Help, my device is offline!

Is your device showing an offline status? You can't send a remote command to an offline device, so we recommend manually rebooting the device by unplugging the power and plugging it back in. Check the status again on the monitoring page after a few minutes to verify if this works. Contact our support team if you need additional help! 

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