Identify Displays

Display identification allows you to send a command to your display to reveal the device’s Name and Display Group association found in the dashboard. You can use this feature to help identify unknown devices or confirm the names of devices.

There are 2 ways to access this feature:

Method 1

From a Display Group page. Click on the blue box under Identify.

Method 2

Click on the 3x3 square in the top right of the dashboard to open Quick Links. Click on Display Groups.

Under the list of Display Groups, you will see an Identify column. To identify a single display, click on the blue box for the display in question.

Note: If your Display Group has multiple displays, they will all identify from this menu.

To identify all displays, click on Identify All at the top of the Identify list. This is a great method if you don't know the name of a display, as it will show the name on every display in your account. 

Identification Message

Once you select the Identify option for 1 or all screens, the message will appear after about 5 seconds and should stay on the device screen for about 30 seconds. Here is an example of the message:

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