Selecting Layouts in News App

One of the newest features available in News is the ability to select a default layout for your news feed to be shown on our player. There are three available layouts to choose from, with increasing sizes for article images shown from left to right.


Since every RSS feeds contains a variety of different content, News is optimized to analyze article text and image graphics in order to best fit various screen sizes, devices, and resolutions. Furthermore, this feature ensures that each news article will look great on your Enplug Displays no matter what content is shown. 

Layout Fallbacks

We are able to optimize graphics through an algorithm which compares the current article image (if one is available) to the screen size or viewport, and the size of the current layout. If an image's width or height is does not meet the proper dimensions for the layout selected, it will "fallback" to the next layout containing a smaller image size, then preforms the same check again. Essentially, the algorithm will compare each layout against the image until it meets the minimum criteria, then renders onscreen! 

"No Picture" Layout

If your news feed or the article does not contain images, there is a fourth layout available which only shows article text. This layout may also appear if the image cannot load, or if the image dimensions do not meet the minimum criteria to fit any of the three default layouts. Because of this feature, certain feeds may not show your layout preference. 

Approximate Image Requirements

Device Layout Minimum Image Dimensions Ideal Image Dimensions
HD 1920x1080 Large Picture 960 x 540 1920 x 1080
Medium Picture 542 x 540 1280 x  720
Small Picture 389 x H OR W x 540 896 x  504
No Picture  N/A  

*Please note for the "Small Picture" layout, the image only needs minimum width of approximately 389 or a height of 540. 

New York Times Example 

Below is an example and series of images to further explain how this fallback implementation works. These screenshots are taken from a standard 1920x1080 monitor and the article image available is roughly 150x150. 

If you selected the third, "Large Picture" layout without the fallback, the article's image would have to be distorted and stretched in order to fit the 1920x1080 background.


The app, then fallbacks to the "Medium Picture" layout and checks again. Since the image still does not meet the requirements, it will then compare itself against the "Small Picture" layout. 


While the picture looks much better than the previous two layouts, it is still distorted when trying to conform to the available space allocated in the layout.


In conclusion, the image eventually resolves to the "No Picture" layout in the end as shown below. 







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