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Instagram requires that their customers use an Instagram business profile and reconnect their feeds.

It’s easy to keep your account up-to-date with Instagram’s latest changes. This article walks you through the two-step process of updating your Instagram integration.

If you choose not to update your settings, your old Instagram content will continue to display on the Enplug platform, but no new content will be uploaded.


Contents of this guide:


Converting your personal Instagram account to a business profile

The Instagram integration will no longer work with personal Instagram accounts. You must use a business account.

  1. To convert your personal account to a business profile that integrates with Enplug, you must connect it to a Facebook Page. Only one Facebook Page can be connected to your Instagram business profile and only one Facebook account can be used in the Enplug Instagram app.

    • You can either select one of your existing Facebook Pages or create a new one for free by following these instructions

  2. Once you have identified the Facebook Page you will use, set up your business profile. View the steps from Facebook support or follow the steps below to make the changes from the Instagram mobile app:

    • Select “Settings” > “Switch to Business Profile”


    • Select the Facebook Page associated with your profile


    • Add any additional business details


    • Tap “Continue”




Reconnecting your Instagram business profile account

Instagram requires that accounts be reconnected to Enplug.

To reconnect your Instagram business profile in the Enplug Dashboard:

    • Login to your Enplug dashboard

    • Select the “Apps” drop-down and click on the Instagram App icon


    • Click on the name of the feed you need to edit or select the blue "Add" button to create a new feed.

    • Click the "X" to the right of your account name to remove the old Instagram account

    • Click the "Select Account" button


    • If you are not logged into Facebook, you will be prompted to do so


    • Select the "+" icon next to the account you wish to add


Recent changes to Instagram feed displays

Instagram’s recent API changes are designed to safeguard the privacy and security of Instagram users. These changes will not have a significant impact on Enplug’s Instagram integration and will not affect Instagram posts pulled from connected accounts. Minor changes include the following:

  • Instagram requires that posts be filtered based on content, not on username or profile

  • The amount of user information shared on posts pulled from hashtags will change

  • A maximum of 30 unique hashtags may be streamed in a rolling 7-day period


Additional Information

  • If you use Instagram in the Social Media Collage app, please follow the steps above to connect your Instagram business account

  • For more information about setting up Instagram, check out our Instagram article

  • For more information about setting up Social Media Collage, check our Social Media Collage article

  • When adding a new hashtag, only posts that are from the past 24 hours will be pulled



If you are trying to add your Instagram account, but the connected Facebook page does not appear, here are a few things to try:

1. Try to convert your Instagram profile to a business account again. This first requires you to disconnect your Facebook and Instagram accounts from each other.

  • Remove Enplug business integration from your Facebook account. 
    • Log into your Facebook account
    • Open this link
    • Select the Enplug integration and delete
  • Convert your Instagram account back to a personal Instagram account. 
    • Open Instagram mobile app
    • Click on the  option 
    • Click on "Settings"
    • Select "Switch Back to Personal Account"
  • Convert your Instagram account to a Business account again

2. Confirm that you are an administrator on the Facebook page you are trying to link. This can be found on your Facebook page under "Settings" > "Page Roles"

3. Add another Facebook administrator to your Fan Page. Use that account to add your Instagram account. This can be found on your Facebook page under "Settings" > "Page Roles"

4. Remove Emojis from your Instagram business profile name

5. Create a brand new Instagram feed in the Enplug dashboard


If you continue to have any issues setting up your Instagram app, please contact our support team at




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