Setting up a Yelp Feed

You can set up a Yelp feed via the Yelp app.

Follow these steps to set up your Yelp feed:

Add a Yelp ID:

  • Enter your Yelp ID into the Add your Yelp ID field, and click Add.


 Note: Your Yelp ID can be found at the end of your page's URL:

The Yelp business that you are adding must have at least one review before you add it for it to be displayed on your Enplug display.

How It Works

Compared to the live interactions you might expect from Instagram and Twitter, Yelp works a bit differently and it might be hard to predict which reviews will be pulled into your feeds. Here's what you can expect:

  • Once a day, Yelp sends Enplug the Top 3 reviews from a Yelp page according to Yelp's default sort order.
  • As new reviews make it to your Top 3 every few days, Enplug will pull them into your feed.
  • We automatically turn on Social Approval for your Yelp feed, which means you'll need to pre-approve reviews using the Approval section before they'll show up on your display. You can turn this off anytime.
As with the other social feeds, your Yelp feed can display up to a max number of 50 most recent Yelp posts.
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