Setting up a Facebook Feed

Follow these steps to set up your Facebook feed:

  1. Navigate to the Social Media Wall app in your Enplug dashboard.
  2. Click the Settings button on the top right. (If you haven't set up a feed before, click Set up a feed
  3. To add your Facebook page, click Select your Facebook Page and follow the prompts. From now on, Enplug will pull posts added to this page's Timeline.
As with the other social feeds, your Social Media Wall can hold the most recent 50 Facebook posts.

What type of Facebook content will my Enplug show?

Enplug is able to pull status messages posted directly on your timeline by you or a visitor.

A timeline status message can be a text post with no more than one photo. Here is an example of a post that Enplug can accept (your post does not need to have a photo):

Example Facebook Post

Enplug isn't able to support:

  • Facebook checkins
  • Links to news articles, blog posts or any other external site
  • Reviews
  • Videos
  • Photo album uploads
  • Mentions of your hashtag made on Facebook
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