Art App for the Home and Smart TVs


The Art App allows you to play Enplug's curated art collection on your smart TV in a few simple steps!


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Create a Display Group

Pair your TV with the Enplug Dashboard

Add Art App to your Display Group

Other Media Devices


Create a Display Group

1. Select the "Display Groups" dropdown > "Add New"


2. Fill in the required Display Group details:

  • Name your Display Group
  • Select a Tim zone
  • Select a Screen Orientation


3. Select "Next"


You will now be prompted to add your TV as a display.


Pair your TV with the Enplug Dashboard

1. Give the TV you are setting up a Display Name


2. Browse to on your TV browser. You will see a 2-word setup phrase on the screen 

3. Enter the setup phrase from your screen on the Device Details page


4. Confirm by clicking "Add Device"


You have now paired your TV and can add the Art app to your Display Group. 


Add Art App to your Display Group

1. Select the "Apps" dropdown > "Art"


2. Explore the pages of curated artwork and click to select each individual piece of art you would like to add to your display or "Select All"


3. Select "Add" to add the selected art to your Display Group


4. Click Save Changes”


Congratulations! Setup is complete and the art will begin playing on your TV


Other Media Devices

Have a media player such as FireTV or Nvidia SHIELD TV? Open the browser on your device to connect it to Enplug and use it to show the Art app from any TV!

Have an AppleTV? AppleTV does not have a native web browser app, so the easiest way to use your AppleTV to display the Enplug Art App on your screen is by using AirPlay. You can use AirPlay on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to mirror the screen on your AppleTV. You'll find more information here.

Just visit on your chosen device and follow the steps above to get the Enplug Art app up and running! 

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