Localization Using Crowdin


To ease the process of translating the Enplug system, use Crowdin to translate assets from English to any language. If you are a translator, you will have already received an invite to our project in Crowdin.


Contents of this guide:

Account Settings

Translating in the Enplug Project

Knowing When You Have Completed Translations


Account Settings

Before getting started with translations, we recommend setting your preferred language and setting notifications in case any new translation strings are added to the project in the future.

1. Log into Crowdin.

2. Select the user icon and select Settings.


3. Set your preferred languages:

  • Scroll down into you reach the Preferred Languages section.
  • Search for your preferred language and select the checkbox to the left of it.


4. Scroll back to the top and select the Notifications tab:

  • You can choose to Connect Slack to have Crowdin send Slack messages for notifications of any New Strings.
  • Otherwise, you can select to have Crowdin send an email as a notification.



Translating in the Enplug Project

1. Once you are ready to translate, open the Enplug project in Crowdin.


2. Select the language in which you will be translating. Notice that your preferred language will be the first option and starred.


3. The project is divided by apps and different pieces of the Enplug dashboard. Select the file that you would like to translate.


4. The left column of the screen is the list of strings that need translations.


5. Next, you will see the source string and the context for the string on the dashboard. For example, the Select All string is in the context of selecting all items from a list.


6. Beneath that, you will see where you can enter the translation and save the translation.


7. At the bottom of the center column is a list of recommendations. Selecting a recommendation will autofill the recommendation into the translation section above.


8. You can also select the Use and Save icon when highlighting the translation. This will automatically save this translation.


9. There may be times when you come across strings with words in brackets such as {{ variableName }}. This is a placeholder name where data will be filled in by our system.


10. You may also find strings that have multiple options based on singular and plural translations of words.


11. For these particular strings, a Preview section is added which allows you to preview how the string will look based on the asset count number.


12. After translating the entire file, it will automatically be sent to our team for review and release! No additional steps are needed once a file is completed.


Knowing When You Have Completed Translations

1. When viewing all of the languages, you can see how far along each language is in the translation process.

Note: You will eventually reach 100%, but as new apps and features are added, new files will be generated for translation.


2. Each file that requires translation will also have a progress bar measuring completion status.


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