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The Sign Builder app provides a fast and professional way to personalize a sign for your business. Create custom signs featuring countdown/up timers, shapes, text, and images. 


Contents of this guide:

Setting up Sign Builder

Adding Content to Sign Builder

Using Canvas Tools

Keyboard Shortcuts


Setting up Sign Builder

1. Add Sign Builder to your dynamic app playlist

  • Click on “Apps” > “More Apps

  • Select “Sign Builder

2. Create a sign

  • Click the blue "Add Sign" button


  • Name the sign


  • Change the background color(s) and style


  • Select the dropdown menu to change canvas dimensions to match your screen size and orientation



Adding Content to Sign Builder

Now that the layout is set, you are ready to add content to your sign builder. There are multiple media types to help you build your sign on the canvas. They are text, countdown/up timer, date, shape, and images. 

1. Click "Text" to add words to your sign. You can customize the color, size, and font

2. Click "Countdown/up" to add a timer to your sign. The count-up timer can be used as a "days since" timer

  • Select the "Display" tab to turn off/on time interval


  • Select "Format" tab to change the date/time format


  • Select "Date" tab to set the date and time 


3. Click "Date" to add a date to your sign. Choose from various date/time formats

4. Click "Shape" to add shapes to your canvas. You can customize fill and outline colors

5. Click "Upload Image" to upload images from your computer or browser


Using Canvas Tools

You can move, scale and rotate elements you have placed on the sign canvas 

1. Select the element you want to adjust

2. Hover your mouse over the selected element to use these tools

  • Rotate


  • Move


  • Resize



Keyboard Shortcuts 

Use these shortcuts to help refine your material:

  • Lock precise degrees: Press "Shift" while rotating 
  • Move components: Use arrow keys 
  • Multi-select items: Hold "Shift/Ctl/Cmd" while selecting items


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