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The Enplug Web Player is a stand-alone player that runs from your browser. It allows you to display your Enplug screen from a multitude of devices. The Web Player is convenient in locations where an Enplug hardware device would be difficult to install.


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Setting it up

How to access



Setting It Up

  1. In Google Chrome, follow this link: https://player.enplug.com/#/pair
  2. You will see a 2-word Setup Phrase needed to add this new display to your dashboard
  3. Now you will add the device to your display group
    • If this is a device for a new display group, follow these steps
    • If this is a device you are adding to an existing display group to mirror content, follow these steps
  4. Save the player URL to your browser favorites once it has been set up, for quick retrieval.


How to Access

  1. Open the saved browser URL and your player should immediately open
  2. Press "F11" to set the player to full screen
  3. Set your computer or device screen timeout to "Never"



  1. If your content is not playing, refresh the browser
  2. Only 1 instance of each Web Player should be opened at any time
  3. The link for an active player is only valid on the device used to set up the Web Player. Additional licenses are required to set up more players on other devices 
  4. We recommend using a Google Chrome browser for your Web Player.




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