App Update Initiative

To update your old apps to the new version, please follow these steps:


Social Media Apps

First, remove the old version of the apps from your display groups. Select Social Media Wall or Instagram Wall from the Apps dropdown menu at the top of the screen.



This will lead you to the following window where you will see all of the display groups that you have these apps active for:



Make sure that all of the display groups are toggled for off. After doing this with both the Social Media Wall and Instagram Wall apps, both apps will be removed from your App marketplace.


In order to add the new Social Media apps, please refer to our support articles for each app:

Social Media Collage:






News 2.0

Much like every other app, the News 2.0 app is available in the Apps dropdown menu.



Similar to the previous version, the News 2.0 app does have a list of popular feeds that you can use to quickly add a feed to your screen.

If you have a feed that you are using in the News 1.0 app that you would like to copy over, you can go to your News 1.0 feeds to find the feed and copy the URL to use in the News 2.0 app.

Select the News 1.0 app from the Apps dropdown menu to see a complete list of feeds that you are currently using.


Select a feed to view the feed's URL.


The next window shown will show you the URL where you can copy and use for your feed in the News 2.0 app.


To remove the News 1.0 app from your display groups, go back to the window where you are able to view all of your feeds.  Select the item next to each feed in the "Displays" column.  This will show you all of the display groups that the feed is active for. Uncheck all of the display groups in the window that pops up on screen.



For more information on the News 2.0 app, please refer to our support article:

[News 2.0](


Directory 2.0

Please contact our Support team at  We will recreate your current directories in the new Directory 2.0 app for you so that you can deploy to your display groups.


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