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The Graphics & Video app supports the upload of PowerPoint files in .PPT or .PPTX format. 


Contents of this guide:

Upload Slides

Edit Slide Properties

Play Presentation in Order


Upload Slides

1. First, click the "Apps" > "More Apps" section to select the Graphics & Video app from the list of apps


2. Now that you're in the Graphics app, click the "Upload" button to choose the PowerPoint presentation to upload


3. Once you've chosen your file(s), click the "Upload" button to begin the uploading process

4. Once you've uploaded your graphic, you'll be prompted to choose which display group to deploy the slides to. If you want the graphic in your Library but don't want it to play on a screen yet, don't select any display groups. The graphic(s) will continue to be available through your Library view

5. You will now see your PowerPoint presentation as individual images in the app library



Edit Slide Properties

By hovering over a slide, an option will appear to Edit details. Click on this in order to:


Play Presentation in Order

If you would like your whole PowerPoint presentation to play in consecutive order, with no interruption from other apps, turning your presentation into a video is the best solution! Check out Microsoft's article for instructions on how to turn your PowerPoint presentation into an .MP4 video. Then, upload the video to the Enplug Graphics & Video app! 


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